General Mesh Info

When you buy rigged mesh there’s a few things you oughta know:

1) Rigged mesh cannot be resized or repositioned. It can be rezzed down and retextured if the item is modifiable but that’s how far transformations will go.

2) If a rigged mesh item doesn’t fit your forehead or head in general there’s a few fixes that can be done:
– Wear an alpha layer (commonly included) to hide head parts or ears.
– If forehead is your problem, edit your head shape to have more or less egg head. Usually 3 to 5 points fix any issues and do not alter your form noticeably.
– Perhaps altering your forehead slope a little will help too.

3) You can attach your rigged mesh item to ANY place of the body and it will snap back to where it was originally meant to  be. Ex: If you attach your hair to you foot instead of your skull it will still show on your head.

4) Mesh that’s not rigged can be resized, repositioned and, depending on the item, modified.  Usually a hair that’s not rigged will not be long otherwise it would enter the body.

I think that’s about it!
Thanks a ton,

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